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At present, China's traditional mechanical processing industry is still in the offline product development and service and offline marketing and cooperation model, the consumer demand can not be timely feedback to the manufacturer, the two did not exchange and interaction, which makes the product development is not timely, Can not meet the consumer's real, personalized needs. The manufacturers of information, automation, network level is still very low, mainly rely on manpower, which will lead to low production efficiency, high waste rate, long production time, resulting in the user can not find a suitable mechanical processing plant and other issues.


According to the survey, more than 80% of people need to process some parts, often flawless. Machinery industry, processing plants dazzling, but the quality is uneven, in the face of such a mixed situation, how to quickly select a service provider to meet the needs of particular importance. The machinery industry's service level has lagged far behind other industries, especially in the current Internet thinking popular situation. Machinery industry, the backwardness of information technology and service quality has been a serious drag. In this case, the "speed screening" came into being.Speed ​​network, focusing on college laboratories, small and medium enterprises to provide one-stop fast cnc machining services china. Speeding up the network to rely on their own processing strength, and supporting the oxidation plant, electroplating factory, polishing plant, welding plant formed a strategic cooperation, to provide users with one-stop service. In the fast-processing, only need to provide the drawings to be processed, other things will be all the speed network will get.


Fast-screening of e-commerce model collaborative manufacturing cloud platform, the user and manufacturing resources through information technology, intelligent collaborative manufacturing platform to link up;So that users need to process and have the resources of the plant in the platform on the need to facilitate the processing of parts and processing resources to manage and achieve the depth of the coordination process;
Speeding up the network by optimizing the allocation of processing resources and scheduling, so that idle processing resources are fully utilized to effectively explore the different areas of expertise in the factory, and play to the extreme.


Kinsai provides precison cnc machining services in china. Focus, ultimate, reputation, fast service, with their own meager power to change the traditional industry, will be our great mission! Tian said.